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We must always remember that we serve the people and communities that elect us. My commitment is to provide strong, effective leadership and governance alongside the newly elected Council. I anticipate we will have a significant change in Council members and it will require demonstrated experience and leadership to build this new Council into a cohesive team that focuses on the needs of our residents, putting any political agendas aside. We must continue to improve partnerships with rural & Indigenous communities, industry and other levels of government.

We must be fiscally responsible in order to meet the challenges of today’s new realities. We have been mandated by the provincial government to reach a goal of a 5:1 property tax ratio between the highest tax rate and the lowest tax rate. In the last four years, I do give credit municipal administration and the current Council for helping to reach this goal while eliminating all long-term debt and keeping our residential taxes at the lowest in the country! This is a significant accomplishment and kudos go to those efforts. I believe we can still make further improvements by further implementing “Results Based Budgeting” – a process that examines existing programs and services for effectiveness, then cutting items that are obsolete or ineffective, while enhancing the programs that are making a difference. In short, having no debt or deficit means all funding can go directly to programs, projects and services.

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