We have seen significant challenges over the past five years – two historic natural disasters, a significant economic downturn, and then a global pandemic. The good news is our community is resilient and poised to meet a complete turnaround into the next decade.

  • We must continue to support as a key priority rebuilding our small business community in providing goods and services to residents. I plan to support and fund, if necessary, programs in conjunction with the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, Wood Buffalo Economic Development and others to assist businesses to adapt their models to compete more effectively and promote keeping the business local. Small business accounts for 70% of the quality of life in any community. We must make every effort to help them succeed.
  • Downtown revitalization is a key factor to our growth and it positively impacts all neighbourhoods and every community across the region. After years of indecision or wrong decisions, collectively we have slowly begun eroding away the attraction to this key area. We have started moving in the right direction with new projects, policies and programs, but there is still much to do.
  • Resident retention and attraction of new residents through building on quality of life opportunities. Every measure of my platform is intended to improve quality of life that makes it more attractive to live, work and play and in our region, include to people yet to discover from we have to offer. I believe this can be complemented by Council leading a charge to create a more positive culture throughout every municipal department – beginning with Council – to one focused on Customer service. While progress has been made recently, there is more work to do. After all, we are all public servants.
  • Further reduction of red tape. The number one issue I hear from developers and businesses is that we need to take steps to be a more business-friendly community. While we have recently implemented measures to reduce timelines on permitting and inspection services, there is still room for improvement. It is time we hung a shingle that says we are “Open for Business” and attract that investment back into the region, while supporting existing businesses and residents at the same time.

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