We have learned many things from the last two natural disasters we have endured as a region, with some of us being more impacted than others. I support the continuation and enhancement of FireSmart principles, while educating residents and property owners on how to protect themselves and properties from future events. The Municipality has already implemented all the recommendations from the “Lessons Learned” report commissioned after the Horse River Wildfire and the education for new and existing residents must be continued. With regards to flood mitigation, these programs have been started and dropped several times over the past few decades. It began with mitigating to 1 in 40-year flood levels, then changed to 1 in 100-year levels. This was the first project approved by the current Council and it was partially complete at the time of the 2020 Flood. In December, 2020, Council adopted a plan to build to 1 in 200 year-levels and I am committed to seeing that through to fruition as a key priority.

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